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How Artificial Intelligence Is Impacting Our Everyday Lives

There are so many amazing ways artificial intelligence and machine learning are used behind the scenes to impact our everyday lives. AI assists in every area of our lives, whether we’re trying to read our emails, get driving directions, get music or movie recommendations. In this article, I’ll show you examples how artificial intelligence is used in day-... Read more »

How AI Is Changing The Education Industry.

The academic world is becoming more convenient and personalized thanks to the numerous applications of AI for education. This has changed the way people learn since educational materials are becoming accessible to all through smart devices and computers. Today, students don’t need to attend physical classes to study as long as they have computers and int... Read more »


This principle was given by Douglas McGregor. The central idea of the principle is that the employee discipline can be maintained by punishing employees for breach of discipline in manner similar to touching a hot stove and therefore a disciplinary action should have the following consequences: (a) Burns Immediately: If disciplinary action must be taken ... Read more »

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