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Activity Lawn

Activity lawn is another striking feature of DDUMC Campus

where the students are often seen frolicking on the bouncy, lush-green carpet-grass with badminton rackets, footballs or cricket bats etc. The alluring lawn is hedged with parrot green shrub ‘Duranta’, walled by ‘Ashoka’ trees and surrounded with flower beds of various seasonal flowers and plants. There await, in all corners, the landscaped mounds with captivating floral splendor! Hung over which the fragrant-flower-bunches of ‘Madhumalty’ and ‘Harsingar’. Huge shady trees of both- Indian and foreign variety scatter mesmerizing green grandeur all around.

“Nature is the store house of knowledge!” Wordsworth, the great poet said years ago, we still follow- the students learn with nature here.

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