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BCA Course deals with imparting skills and knowledge required to secure lucrative careers right after its completion. The following article is all about Pt. DDUMC BCA course. It also contains a brief introduction to BCA, its highlights, benefits, and career scope. For collecting all this information read this article from beginning to end.

Industrial visits helps students to know about the working environment of industries, their processing, interaction with workers, how machineries works, and more. It also provides knowledge about the recent trends in market, future scenario, and the latest technologies. Below mentioned are some of the importances of industrial visit for students.

We, the DDUMC family, have invited a golden star who scripted its name in the books of history. The day was fabulous with meeting the girl who proved that girls are not less than boys. And if they can make stone hearts melt, they can also lead the world & can also bring many golden medals to our home. We just need to Trust her, empower her, & be with her!

In today’s techno driven world, it is essential to have computer literacy. Having proficiency in software, digital tools, and programming languages, will enable you to easily adapt to the technological advancement and to stay competitive in the job market. Pursuing a course in computers can make you proficient in the field of computer applications.