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Future Prospects of M.Ed.


Master of Education (M Ed) is a post graduate degree course that can be done after completing your B Ed program.

As it is obvious, the course is aimed at brushing up your knowledge of methodology of educational research and getting yourself acquainted with social and psychological aspects of teaching and education. Due to unparallel development in the field of education during the last few decades, the need was felt for such programs and courses, which can fill the void of expertise in this domain.

After the completion of M Ed, the candidate is eligible to apply as teacher/lecturer/assistant professor/academician or officer on the field of education in prestigious institutions and colleges. It is highly rewarding and lucrative career. M Ed course is available both as regular and in distance learning formats.

* Current Scenario of M.ed in India

Where B Ed is the eligibility criterion to teach primary and junior level classes, M Ed makes you eligible to work as a teacher in senior secondary schools and high schools/secondary schools. In India, it is one of most popular courses to make a career in the field of academics at school and college level.

This requirement is the same for both government and private schools. In India, the absence of an M Ed degree renders you ineligible to teach senior secondary classes. A degree of M Ed is also compulsory to get employed as a post graduate teacher (PGT). The duration of the program is one year normally.

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